Investigations of Christopher Hector on the Anglo-Arab breed in South-West France

The Australian journalist Christopher Hector had a big tour in France during October/December 2016 and did detailed investigations about the French eventing scene after the immense success of the French eventing team at the Olympics in Rio.

This brought him to the Anglo-Arab breed,as Tackinou, one of the best horses from the German gold medal & world champion Michael Jung, is an Anglo-Arab born and rased in the Pyrénées Atlantiques by Mathieu Boisslier’s  Haras d’Hulm. Over 5 generations bred Anglo-Arab horses in the PONS family in Sames (between Bayonne and Pau on the Adour river, the area where the Anglo-arab breed was born), Gilles Pons relates about the family breeding tradition and his regrets that there are no more pure Anglo-arab stallions….

Read the article here in Horse Magazine, the first one-line magazine in Australia.