Event Riders Master - un new circuit in UK for eventing

A new circuit for event riders in UK : the Event Riders Masters

Overview of the Series: A new Eventing Series to start in 2016 competitions including already existing Events in Great Britain, approved by the FEI in November 2015.

Calendar 2016:

Chatsworth, 14-15 May

Bramham, 9-12 June

Barbury, 7-10 July

Gatcombe Park, 5-7 August

Blair Castle, 25-28 August

Blenheim, 8-11 September

The initial running of the series will be in Great Britain United Kingdom as the first phase, with the second phase to expand to continental Europe and other nations to approx. 12-15 events in the next year.

William Fox Pitt largeL

William Fox Pitt

The competition will take place over 2 days.

1st day: Dressage (whole day)

2nd day: Show Jumping on the morning followed by cross country test.

Maximum 40 entries in total per competitions selected by FEI Ranking points- 1 horse per athlete,

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